Another prominent resident of Doddridge County during the 19th Century was the Frenchman Joseph H. Diss DeBar. A distinguished artist, linguist, and the designer of the Great Seal and Coat of Arms of West Virginia, he was born in Alsace, France in 1817 and immigrated to America in 1842 aboard the steamer "Britannia." While aboard the Britannia, Diss Debar became acquainted with and painted a portrait of the noted writer Charles Dickens. Diss Debar arrived in Doddridge County in 1846. In an article which appeared in the West Union Herald in 1883, he described his first impressions of the county. In the article he reminisced about the day, April 15, 1846 in which he "had the good fortune to set foot on Virginia soil." He went on to describe the tiny town of Lewisport (later West Union) as "picturesque." Diss Debar is also credited with founding the town of Santa Clara. The town was named in honor of his wife, Clara Lavassor, whom he met and married in Cincinnati prior to arriving in Doddridge County.