A West Virginia Initiation

Portrait of Ephraim Bee, the First Clamper!

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The Journal!
Bee Log House on Meathouse Fork
Gregg Smith's Maplewood Farmhouse Railroad Bridge at site of Bee Hive Tavern
Lower portion of gravestone Upper portion of gravestone Some Western ECV Gifts
The Hewgag Brays! Steve58 Brays too! Ephraim and Jack!
Ephraim W. Bee, son of Founder Eli Tucker, ECV Charter Member! Unknown Clamper
Ephraim's Black Gum Tree Black Gum Staff of Reilef! Gregg and Justin
Steve, Gregg and Justin Cyber Whang has been here! Libations Fer Ephraim!
Special songs fer a festive occasion Pickin at Salem Depot! A SATISFACTORY DAY!
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Gregg Dulaney Smith
Ephraim's Grandson and a damn fine Clamper!