The Murder of the Doyle Family

Was one of the most brutal crimes ever committed about ten o'clock on Wednesday evening, April 4,1883. Bernard Doyle and his two little daughters, Mary and Anna, aged respectively ten and eight years, were the victims. Doyle was engaged in the grocery business and was supposed to have a considerable sum of moneyin his possession.

On the above named evening Hattie Weekly and her mother, who lived nearby, heard the noise of a struggle in the Doyle's house. They approached near, but were afraid to enter, so hastened on the house of Amos Bee, and related what they had heard. Alonzo Bee, a son of the farmer hastened to the Doyle residence, where upon entering, the horrible sight of three human beings weltering in their own gore met his gaze. He at once gave the alarm and a large crowd collected at the scene. The victims of the cruel butchery were still breathing. Doyle was lying on the floor of the kitchen. Mary was lying on the floor of the same room while Anna was lying upon the bed. Drs. McCalley, Charter and Brennan were called and did all in their power to save the victms. Anna died about one o'clock Thursday morning and the father at three, but Mary became conscious at nine and finally recovered.

Sheriff McMillan,Constable Knight abd Justice Cheuvront were soon upon the scene, and at once caused the arrest of one William Kinney. He was placed in jail to await an examination. The case was given to Detective Haggerty of Clarksburg, who soon after caused the arrest of another William Kinney and BOTH are now in the Clarksburg jail awaiting the action of the court.

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